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Hello I’m Kyle and this is my blog. The name of this blog, sullivanhuddle, is derived from the term “sullivan huddle,” which is a phenomenon that occurs when the three Sullivan boys, Kyle, Matt, and Tyler, are at family or other public gatherings and they proceed to “huddle” together in a circle of social anxiety.

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I’m a master’s student at Oregon State University studying civil engineering (structural) and wood science. I have one year under my belt and one year to go. Though frustration arises at times, I’m passionate about my work and have high hopes for the future of my career.

Listening to upbeat music puts me in a better mood if I’m down; I need my time with friends and people but also can’t live without time for myself. I love the thrill of traveling but also need down time. Speaking of thrills, I would say I’m constantly looking for exhilarating experiences and can’t say no when asked to join in on anything half-adventurous–except when I have too much school work.

A few projects I’m working on: 1) Family history research and putting together trees and pictorials to share. 2) This blog, the DCI blog. 3) My research proposal for school (panel-to-panel shear connections in cross-laminated timber under seismic loads). 4) Making short videos of cool things I do (see my youtube channel).


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